A year fit into me…

When I was having my first massage in a long while with Abby I has a transformative experience. It was one of those moments when you aren’t sleeping but you aren’t fully engaged with world and you can reach into your mind and really identify the things you NEED to do with your life.

I discovered what 2021 has to be about for me.

I recently has the discussion with my neurologist that he doesn’t know that there is anything more he can do to help me. I have failed all the drugs currently known to treat fibromyalgia.

So in this coming year I need to learn how to live in a body that is years ahead of help from medical science.

So here is my plan:

  • Find the things I can do to help myself. These include:
    • Exercise on the BoxVR every single day regardless of how much it hurts. Even if it’s only for five minutes. All the research says movement helps fibro.
    • Meditate.
    • Stretch every day.
    • Get a massage a week.
    • Lose weight to reduce stress on already stressed joints.
    • Be kind to myself.
    • Blog about your experience regularly.

I also decided to leave the gallery and work on a book of poetry. I want to write about my experience in a way that makes it accessible to those who don’t understand invisible chronic illnesses.

Finally, I need to take the time I need to love my body. I need to find a way to appreciate what it does for me instead of focusing what it does to me.

So it’s a grandiose plan, but I am hopeful it will help.

At this point, I am my only hope.

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