Living in the twilight zone…

Okay. I lived in Colorado for the first 30 and 3/4 years of my life. All my friends were there, barring the few that left. All my connections, family, peers, etc., were located within a short distance. I could have lunch whenever I wanted. I had an active social life. I saw people outside the office and my immediate family.

Now, I live in New Jersey. When I am in the office, I feel fine. When I am home with Lee and Monkey, I feel fine. When I am able to meet with Ellen, or Tiff, or the other few friends I have here, I feel fine. However, the rest of the time, I feel like I am in the twilight zone.

I can’t call my friends and go out for a late movie or a beer/coffee while Lee hangs out with Monkey. The friends I have here can’t really go out late. I can’t go to the breakfasts I used to attend every week, or stop by my parents for dinner. I stay home every single night of the week, except for coffee for two hours on Sundays. I stay home because here, I have no one to go out with.

I have read all my books, I have watched all the rental movies I want to watch. What do I do now?



Our new cat… and how she got her name.

Many of you may remember my post about the little kitty who approached me outside Monkey’s school and told me to take her home. Well I did, and she is a happy and healthy new member of our household.

We decided to name her Hazel, though that name took a lot of time to develop.

First of all, my dad suggested we name her Fancy, after the Bonnie Raitt song. It seemed to fit, both her situation and her personality, so we gave it a try. But it was pretty clear early on that it wasn’t working. Sometimes a name just doesn’t fit a cat. So I sat down to study our new feline friend, and made some crucial naming obsevations. 1. She came to us the day before halloween. 2. She is black and pumpkin colored. 3. She is fairly intense in attitude and appearance. She needs a serious name.

I look up her colorations online and find an almost exact photo likeness of her on wikipedia. She is a tortioseshell cat! Great!

I continue to research, this time focusing on her breed. It appears that a stray tortie fortells bad luck… hmm… luckily she is no longer a stray. Historically, tortoiseshells have been to be able to tell the future and are likely to give the gift to a lucky child in the household. Hmmm… okay, so now I have a clairvoyant black and orange cat who came to me the day before halloween. Well clearly a name like ‘fluffy’ or ‘paws’ simply won’t do.

I decided to look up the names of oracles and other future tellers,but none of them fit. Dione was too pretentious, Delphi too odd, Artemis too much. Then I was sitting there staring at her rather intense gaze and realized…. Hazel is an herb used in divination, and a golden, reddish, brownish color. I say… “Hazel?” Lee responds, “Okay, that name works.” Hazel starts to purr. (She has a purr that can be hard for miles)

She is learning her new name, and has settled in amazingly fast. She is completely comfortable in her new abode, and is a very snuggly creature. As to which child she will bless with future-telling? Only time will tell.


A brief update, then a political message…

The new cat, named Hazel for supernatural reasons, is adjusting well to us. So well in fact, that it seems more each day as though she chose us. She is already snuggling with us, hissing at the dogs, and playing with the other cats. She is thrilled with the copious amounts of food. She is in great health, though she will have to have most, if not all, her teeth extracted due to poor nutrition. (Poor thing).

Monkey has been ill that last two days, so we have been home, with me trying to work while she rests. It is interesting. In an attempt to stave off boredom today, I created several tracer paper sentences for her to write, and told her a treat would come with each completed, and read to me, page. She is currently working on “A bug is snug in the rug”

Okay, update over!! On to Politics!

Take a moment and write something for choice….

The petition site has a petition to support pro-choice candidates. In addition to signing your name, you can also write your own message. Being an argumentative and mouthy individual, I did just that. I encourage you to do the same.

Here is the message I sent with my signature:

In our culture women are still predominantly left with a child’s care. Our culture does not saddle men with equal responsibility for sex. Men are encouraged to engage in sexual behavior, women are not. However, who are these men encouraged to have sex with? Our culture is not pro-homosexual, so these men are not encouraged to have sex with each other.

Men are encouraged to have sex with women, and then treated like heroes if they pay a modicum of child support and see their accidentally concieved children once a month.

Women are expected to change everything about their lives and raise these unexpected children, but instead of praise, they are condemned for having had children out of wedlock. They are disparaged for having had sex.

Women and men both choose to engage in sex, (except in cases of rape) yet women carry most, if not all, the responsiblities. Men group’s fight against parental responsibility in cases of accidental conception, and now, men’s groups are fighting against child support in cases of accidental conception.

Women bear most of the burden of accidental children. Are we now going to make them bear it against thier will?

How good of a mother do we create when we allow the father to run off without penalty, and force the mother to have a child and raise it without support?

How good of a family environment are we creating for the child?

What kind of future can this child expect to have?
Choice is the only decent, humane way.

And if you sign now…. you get a stickie!!
(Or more than one)

A what you say?

A stickie, to place on your own blog, website, whatever!!

The darkest night…

All Hallow’s eve, Samhaim, The Darkest Night, A precurser to a Dental Visit….

Monkey was a rainbow fairy this year, after wanting to be the Invisible Woman again and changing her mind. This costume allowed her to wear a shiny dress, huge wings with a sparkly in the center of them, and mommy’s makeup. The combination of the three proved too tempting for her to resist, and I have to admit, she was pretty darn cute.

We felt Halloween would be different this year, as we live in another state, and still basically know no one except those who moved with us, and live 40 minutes away. So in an attempt to look on the bright side, we thought “this year will be a healthier Hallloween! We will get less Halloween candy!” We were under this delusion primarily because Monkey would miss out on the traditional massive donation given at Nana’s and Papa’s, she would not get a huge handful at Roby and Heather’s, and Nama and Da would not be tempted to shift their leftovers into her bag.

Sadly, this year’s take was actually better (or worse depending on your point of view) than previous years!! Her little plastic pumpkin was so full she couldn’t fit a single additional piece into it! After only five or six blocks, and 40 minutes, she was bravely dragging her little jack-o-lantern by it’s handle instead of jauntily swinging it to and fro!

This is what our brave, orange friend looked like this morning. This is after Monkey ate five treats last night, Lee and I removed and consumed some of her loot, and several lollipops were absconded with this afternoon! In addition, we had two trick-or-treaters at our house, and were therefore left with a huge bowl of our own candy to get rid of. I am going to have to simply toss a great deal of sugary goodness.

Despite the immense amount of tempting empty calories now resting easily within reach, we really enjoyed ourselves. The neighborhood we are in is a great place to trick-or-treat. There was very little traffic and all the neighbors decorated and handed out candy. There was even a cat, named Phil, who greeted each trick-or–treater as they walked to his house to get their loot. (He was pretty cute, seemed to say “I’m on point!!”) The weather was warm and Monkey had a little pumpkin flashlight to carry so we could see her when she inevitably ran off ahead. (It worked really well.)

We missed everyone back home, but it was a pleasant change to only have one neighborhood to visit. This the first year we trick-or-treated without anyone else, just Monkey and Daddy and Me. It was very special, and we really laughed and smiled a lot. There was a lot less hassle then previous years, and we all relaxed and enjoyed it more for it’s simplicity. So while I regret not having the usual routine, I think the change was good for us.

Happy Halloween to everyone back home!! If you want candy, email me and I will send it to you!!


HALLOWEEN MADNESS OCCURRED EARLY THIS YEAR as hundreds of Red Bank students celebrated the famed holiday on the friday before…. (article continues on page 5.)

(Page 5)
First, we moved my volunteer day to friday, so I could better understand the madness that is halloween in a primary school. I arrived a little after noon, and proceeded to spend the next 40 minutes assisting small people with the donning of costumes. Then I spent some time urging Monkey to stop moving, as each time she did she beaned a peer on the head with her wings. (They came off until the parade)

Then we all sat patiently in our seats while we waited for the school announcement to tell us we were heading out to the flagpole for the parade. The announcement, scheduled for a few minutes after one o’clock, was a little late. Therefore, we distracted the small, squirming princesses, teenage mutant ninja turtles, cartoon characters, and screamers with snacks. As the only parent who is obsessive about nutrition, I spent a few hours cutting a cantalope into pumpkin, bat, and cat shapes for handing out at the class party. It was the only remotely healthy treat, save a bag of carrots. So I handed out halloween cantalope and watched it get gobbled up by pleased children. Then we handed out cheese doodles, and watched parts of said children’s costumes turn orange. Then they finally called us out to the parade.

The children ran, marched, spun, twirled and danced around to show off their creative costume ideas. Then we headed in for trick or treating in other classrooms (a logistical nightmare) and then the party.

Wow!! So many cupcakes! Four for each kid! And candy, and chips… no one sent in sandwhiches or anything. Next year, I will make more than one piece of shaped cantaloupe per kiddo. There really was an amazing plethora of sugar.

After the party we went home, and Monkey ate something resembling healthy food. Tonight is Halloween, so we will once again don the wings of head beaning and wander the streets of Red Bank for candy treats. Is it a fair “trick” to sneak the chocolate out of your child’s candy bag when they are asleep?

Cat sucker…

Le sigh….

Well, I dropped my daughter off at school this morning and upon leaving the grounds was greeted by a plaintive mew. Following the noise I saw a small black and cream mottled cat sitting by the massive marsh directly in front of the school. It mewed again. I said “Hello kitty” and at this point it wandered over, pushed against my leg, and seemed to say “I’m cold, and very, very, hungry. This is your problem now.”

Obviously, there is a small mottled cat in my upstairs bathroom who has a date with a vet. It ate a packet of cat food and resolutely began licking the enamel off the bowl. It was so small, and it’s little tummy was sooo very small, I couldn’t leave it there. I had hopes that it was a lost kitten, rather than a stray, but inquiries of the other moms when I picked Monkey up weren’t promising. It seems this little kitty has been at the marsh for quite some time.

It looks as though we have another cat.

It is not all my fault though. I have been dropping Monkey off at school all year, and not a single cat has targeted me for potential mom-hood. However, a few days ago, Lee suggested we get another cat for the kitten, as Chloe (our Siamese) has not befriended Rue. See, he let the universe know there was a potential opening in our house for a cat! This is his fault too.

Oddly, both Chloe and Rue were sitting side by side, hissing at the bathroom door hiding the cat. They seem to have bonded in adversity.

Cats are simply perverse.

So, off to the vet at five, may the cat please be healthy and not have a crazy illness.


Swearing in…

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

For all those following the long, hard, and relatively tedious process of becoming an attorney, I have finished the final piece, and now, may sue and be sued.

I was sworn in at the Boettcher concert hall with many of my peers on the 23rd of October, 2006. My parents and Monkey were in attendance, though Lee had to stay in NJ to keep the homefires burning.

I doubt there can be a ceremony that truly makes one feel as though the three years of insane study, hundreds of thousands of dollars, months of exam preparation, and months of tense waiting were actually worthwhile. I really only remember the part when the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, Mary Mullarky, asked us to repeat after her. However, aspects of the day certainly improved the occasion, and made it memorable.

Nick, my stalwart study partner through the months of hell that were the bar exam, and I stood together during the ceremony. This allowed for his hug to be the first to usher me into the practice of law. Fitting as there would have been far more insanity, and quite possibly less success, if I had not been blessed with him as a study partner.

I got to share a moment with Mark, who helped keep me and Nick on the ball night after night, week after week, while we began to lose the urge to cram in “JUST ONE MORE RULE!!” Thanks for being there!! We did it!

Friends and loved ones came to swear and be sworn, to affirm and reaffirm, and to show more love and support for their newly minted lawyer friends. Eric and Caitlin, Ben and Sanjin, Scott and Sierra, Dara and many more came to share the day with me.

I got a few moments with Paul as well, whom I sat with in most of our law classes, and will miss terribly now that it is all over and I am miles away. Paul, our promises of monthly lunches downtown will have to be postponed until I can get the family back to your neck of the country.

Monkey was so proud she almost cried, but luckily Caitlin was there to keep her entertained, and extra cute.

I got a brief chance to do a victory dance with Jen as well. We shared a room during the exam, and gorged on crab cheese wontons and fried rice at Chan’s after each day. Jen!! We did it!! We have a date, after the baby is born, to be in a dark bar until we are on the verge of alcohol poisoning!!! (I still maintain that crabcheese wontons are brain food of the highest order.)

It is over! I am an attorney!! I wish I could say I don’t have to do any of this again, but I moved out of Colorado just days after the bar!! Therefore, in February, I take the bar in New Jersey. Sigh. I guess for now, I will sit on my laurels for a few weeks, and bask in the glow of possible litigation.

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