Job hunting?

Well….. I submitted my resume to Vonage yesterday….

Because apparently they don’t have enough of us working there!! No really, its a combination “bring in money, combat insanity” move on my part. I am feeling unsettled, in part because we are unsettled, but mostly because I am used to working. I have always worked. Me not working has always been a little manic.

For example, this was my “day off” today:
8 am – woke up, made coffee, showered, dressed Monkey, dressed myself, drove Lee to work.
9 am – searched entire house for lease agreement so I could sign Monkey up for school.
10 am – got directions to the school
11 am — enrolled Monkey in school, drove home for lunch
noon — ate a lovely lunch of cheese, chicken, peaches and plums with Monkey while we watched the Berenstain Bears.
1 pm – Took Monkey to the knitting store for a crochet needle (closed my wallet to the balls and balls of lovely, lovely yarn), the metaphysical store (watched the clerk cry into the phone and try really hard not to let me see it), and then the Cold Stone Creamery for watermelon ice cream.
2:30 – put Monkey down for a nap, crocheted a headband (my first incorporating beads) while watching Law and Order.
3:30 – Crocheted a necklace. (This one also incorporating beads, and also while watching Law and Order).
4:10 – Came upstairs to read email and post on my blog. (Hello!!)

Later I will clean a little, wake Monkey up, go get Lee, and cook dinner.

This is me relaxing, which is why I am much more relaxed when I get to go to work, pay someone else to clean, buy my headbands and necklaces, and spend my home time playing with small child.

So yes, I have applied to Vonage, and if I am too afraid that working there might make me cross over to the dark side, the metaphysical store is hiring, and I am sure I could launch back into the world of spiritual advising, drum circles, and exorcisms with little or no problem.

Still missing my Denver crew…. M

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