Rain, it happens here.

Well, we are in the market for a rain slicker for Monkey. We have had day after day of beautiful rain. It is odd because the rain is generally light and mellow, but at times gets fairly torrential. We were at the craft store the other day and while we were there we heard this thunderous pounding on the roof. It made it the noisest shopping experience of my life.

I had a cardboard box outside the house from setting up Monkey’s splash pool, and it got left out during the rain. I went out back to remove it and an entire ecosystem objected. There were frogs, teeny tiny ones, and crickets, and beetles, and worms, red bugs, black bugs, spiders, etc. I shrieked like a cheerleader and jumped out of reach, but then just watched them all. I REALLY need a pet bat, and more frogs.

We have not seen more fireflies in action, though we saw a couple on the wall but without any lightup butt action. We will have to have some hot cocoa and watch for them soon. Summer seems to be over here, which is odd. In Colorado, as you know, summer lasts until at least February, so having it over before September even hits is unusual for us. I had visions of many more hot beach days, and have had to revise them to be many more cold beach walks.

On the upside, there is plenty of moisture and I don’t have to water. On the downside, I always feel a bit damp, and Lee is a bit grumpy without his sunlight. However, we are trying to put the best light on things, and it seems to be working. Devon came over last night with a new recipe off “Good Eats” and filled our bellies with damn good chicken fried steak. Marlena and I hit the craft store this weekend and I taught myself two new crochet stiches and am in the process of making her a back to school sweater. Monkey got a new computer game and has been holed up in her room playing it for a while.

So despite some rain, a little morning sickness, and lots of home sickness, we are doing all right. I apologize for not calling everyone back this weekend, we got pretty busy putting the house in order, I will try and call this week!!

Love you all!

4 thoughts on “Rain, it happens here.”

  1. You’ve got frogs??? How cool is that! Some of my best friends used to be frogs. I’m jealous, since the last frogs I saw were last year when I found two regular and one mutant frog at Wash Park lake. Cool beans, I says.

  2. I dunno, Denver Girl, it’s been a cold summer. At least, it’s been a cold August (but maybe that’s because my roomate has the tempreature turned down to, at a maximum, 55 degrees) (I don’t really know what happened before August).

    Don’t you think that Chloe might object to a bat? Are you trying to increase the PTSD?

  3. She might indeed object to a bat, but we are not keeping it inside with her, and she doesn’t go outside, so things should be okay.

    I think we do have frogs, they sound like frogs, and there was definately some frog-like hopping, so I am pretty certain.

    I need to order a new battery charger for my camera. Mine was lost during the move, once I have it, there will be a lot of new photos to share.

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