Red Bank Primary School

We went and visited Monkey’s school yesterday. They have a very nice principal, he was a spanish teacher in the district for a while before going to Guatamala to teach. Now he is back as the Principal. He was very interested in welcoming us. The school had a little presentation, which bored the hell out of Monkey. Then we had a tour of the school, during which Monkey ran around with another kid. Finally we all had cookies and “juice”, which was the only time Monkey was really into the experience. However, she made a new friend, a little boy named Timor, and I met several nice moms. We are feeling better about school already.

They have a computer room that the students visit once a week for instruction, a music room, art room, library, gymnasium, and outdoor recess area. They focus primarily on reading and literacy, writing, math skills, communication and social skills. However, they have five special classes and the student do one each day. Art, Performing Arts, Computers, Science and technology, and physical education. Monkey’s classroom is the only kindergarten room in the pre-school wing, but that’s actually kind of neat because the pre-school wing is decorated a lot more colorfully than the other wings. Her teacher’s name is Ms. Diamond, and her room is really nice. It is a small space, but she has set it up really well and Monkey is very excited about starting school.

It seems like a good school, they have a G&T program for 1st – 3rd grade. (The primary school only goes to 3rd grade, as the middle school is 4th through 8th.) They have the funding and capacity to handle IEP’s if the students are having any problems and the ability to provide higher level education if the students are advancing. Overall I am happy.

So wednesday of next week she will go to school for the first day, and I will come home and do…. whatever I want to. It will be odd to have so much freedom. Hopefully I will find something valuable to fill it with.

Well, I am off to start another day!

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4 thoughts on “Red Bank Primary School”

  1. Sounds very promising. It looks like you have an attentive administration and a dedicated teacher. I love public schools.


  2. Sounds great! I’d love to hear how Marlena does in the Performing Arts classes. I bet she’ll rock!

    I’m also certain she’ll do well in the others, but I think she’s proven herself to be a fabulous performer so far.

    Yay, free time!

    I’ve been filling all mine with plant work.

    You, however, are not surprised by this.

  3. Sounds good. I’m struck by the notionof a middle school that is 4th through 8th grade: haven’t encountered that before. Verrrrrry interrrrresting.

  4. It is interesting indeed. Kathleen, I still need to call you!! I keep getting caught up in the daily marlena care, I will be better when she is in school and all my conversations don’t have to include “mommy’s on the phone honey…. please wait until mommy is off the phone…. HONEY… I am on the phone!!!”

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