A call to action

A response to Tracy’s call to action…

Pharmacists are refusing to fill valid medical prescriptions because of their own personal beliefs. I find this beyond reprehensible. Tracy asked us to sign a petition to congress. I did. Here is my letter:

“Denying access to medical care on the basis of personal morality is the lowest and most deadly form of both discrimination and judgement. It is not the job of pharmacists in this country to make moral decisions for their customers. It is not the job of pharmacists in this country to make medical decisions for thier consumers. It is their job to fill prescriptions written by doctors. If they can’t do this job, they should leave the profession. We do not allow doctors to deny access to medical care based on religious and moral belief systems. We do allow politicians to deny access to government based on religious and moral belief systems. The people in this nation still have rights to personal health and safety, and the women in this nation ARE PEOPLE. We vote, we contribute to the economy, and we have the same rights as men. If pharmacists refuse to fill birth control prescriptions because they believe sexual activities should only be engaged in for procreation, why are they filling prescriptions for Viagra? It is not a drug meant solely for procreation. Pharmacists should be ashamed of engaging in this blatant discrimination. Companies should be ashamed of allowing them to. Stop them. Stop this. I will personally stop shopping at any company who ever allows a pharmacist to deny a valid prescription based on personal moral opinion. Further, I will write others, and urge they do the same. I will ask people to picket the companies that support this thinking, and the representatives who protect it. Women are tired of being second class citizens. We are a power, we have a voice, and we will find a way to be heard. Help us.”

So, Let’s do it!! Sign the petition! Add your own comments. And then, let’s research the companies that are supporting this and boycott them. Let’s write others and urge them to do so as well. Let’s get on the forefront of the battle this time. I am tired of waiting for congress to act and watching while the religious right strip more rights from our people. Women are not just baby making machines. We are people. We deserve access to medical care.

Link to the petition now!!

Send this petition to your friends, comment on other blogs that fight against this. Write to your newspapers!! Call the T.V. and radio stations. Let’s find a way to raise money and put up creative advertisements of our own!!!

I am tired of sitting still and waiting for them to take it all away.

4 thoughts on “A call to action”

  1. Ooh, but your link doesn’t work because you have a duplicate http:// in the URL. Fix that and you’ll be all set.

  2. You just don’t understand — we should allow pharmacist to make
    their own choices. After all, in a time where Roe is supported by the majority of the country, a myriad of laws attempt to interfere with traditional hiring practices, and the government constantly pushes itself into private affairs between a husband and his wife — well, we can trust the government to keep women down, can we? Certainly the current government, run by some thoughtful and respectful wackos, has been helping us return to a time where discrimination of all forms was more widely permitted. But they haven’t done enough — by God, there are women in the Cabinet!

    So if those insane liberals like Justice Kennedy want to babble on about their supposed “women’s equality,” well, we’ll just have to start taking matters into our own hands. If the FDA says that birth control pill are okay for public use, why, we’ll just have to find a new way to stop them.

    Because here’s the thing. If we can’t keep women spending their days going back and forth between the bedroom and the labor room, chaos would occur — they cannot be allowed to control their reproductive biology.

    They would get jobs. They would become educated. They would be smarter. My God, they might think they’re equal to us. Even worse — they might expect more of us!!!
    No. If the Supreme Court and FDA won’t let us keep them barefoot and pregnant, we’ll just have to do that on our own.

    ***end internal dialogue of American Republi–err, jerk, here***

    I’m angry. Let’s start some real reform in this country and give them something to really worry about. Let’s educate their children — all of them. Let’s break down the walls they have so assiduously created. Let’s build a society where people are equal, not one where only the rich, white, educated, heterosexual, non-disabled, connected men are worthy of society’s best. It seems like every time we take a step forward — a new law, a new drug, a new theory, a new way of looking at eachother — every time we take a step forward, some rich white good-ol’-boy finds a way to screw it up? Or some smoothe-talking blue-blooded democrat from New England decides to support it, but only far enough that the good-ol’-boys will be able to destroy it nevertheless?

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