A brief update, then a political message…

The new cat, named Hazel for supernatural reasons, is adjusting well to us. So well in fact, that it seems more each day as though she chose us. She is already snuggling with us, hissing at the dogs, and playing with the other cats. She is thrilled with the copious amounts of food. She is in great health, though she will have to have most, if not all, her teeth extracted due to poor nutrition. (Poor thing).

Monkey has been ill that last two days, so we have been home, with me trying to work while she rests. It is interesting. In an attempt to stave off boredom today, I created several tracer paper sentences for her to write, and told her a treat would come with each completed, and read to me, page. She is currently working on “A bug is snug in the rug”

Okay, update over!! On to Politics!

Take a moment and write something for choice….

The petition site has a petition to support pro-choice candidates. In addition to signing your name, you can also write your own message. Being an argumentative and mouthy individual, I did just that. I encourage you to do the same.

Here is the message I sent with my signature:

In our culture women are still predominantly left with a child’s care. Our culture does not saddle men with equal responsibility for sex. Men are encouraged to engage in sexual behavior, women are not. However, who are these men encouraged to have sex with? Our culture is not pro-homosexual, so these men are not encouraged to have sex with each other.

Men are encouraged to have sex with women, and then treated like heroes if they pay a modicum of child support and see their accidentally concieved children once a month.

Women are expected to change everything about their lives and raise these unexpected children, but instead of praise, they are condemned for having had children out of wedlock. They are disparaged for having had sex.

Women and men both choose to engage in sex, (except in cases of rape) yet women carry most, if not all, the responsiblities. Men group’s fight against parental responsibility in cases of accidental conception, and now, men’s groups are fighting against child support in cases of accidental conception.

Women bear most of the burden of accidental children. Are we now going to make them bear it against thier will?

How good of a mother do we create when we allow the father to run off without penalty, and force the mother to have a child and raise it without support?

How good of a family environment are we creating for the child?

What kind of future can this child expect to have?
Choice is the only decent, humane way.

And if you sign now…. you get a stickie!!
(Or more than one)

A what you say?

A stickie, to place on your own blog, website, whatever!!

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  1. Errr..


    Perhaps I just mistyped the spanish version, in my previous response. Or it might just be that my hands are cold….

  2. Give me supernatural naming story.

    Me need brain food!

    Hey, 3 Margaritas makes YUMMY margaritas! I had no idea. I like them! Blogging while cross-eyed is fun!


  3. See? You’re so cool. My comment next to my signature was short and sweet:

    If you can’t trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child?

    You are much better at the long form of written argument. I think law school gave you a massive advantage over us lay people.

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