Valentine’s Day…

So the kids are having a Valentine’s day party at school, which means another day where the busy parents at Red Bank Primary all race to the store the night before the holiday and purchase 24 sugary cupcake treats for the kids to hand out, along with candy valentines.

Halloween saw 5 cupcakes per kid, full size ones, it was obscene!! I have never seen so much sugar in one place at the same time. The teacher didn’t even hand out everything that was brought, for example, there were so many sweet baked goods that the teacher never handed out any of the candy. In fact, she still has most of it in her class goody closet.

What’s worse is that there is a celebration in her class at least once, often twice a month. So these kids are getting an insane amount of sweets with surprising regularity.

We will be facing the sweetened abundance this wednesday at the next holiday school event. I want to bring something healthy for a snack, something that will at least provide a solid basis of blood sugar to help their little bodies absorb the sugar to come.

Anyone have any thoughts as to recipes? Monkey is bringing little stretchy dinosaurs in lieu of valentines so we have that covered, but I need to find a healthy, easy to make snack, preferably with protein in it.


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  1. Cheddar cheese cut in heart shapes?

    Strawberries stuffed with lightly sweetened cream cheese?

    Um…just plain fruit?

    Can you guys do peanut butter in your class? If so, mini sandwiches (again) cut into heart shapes might be fun.

    That’s all I’ve got. I’m not bringing anything to Caitlin’s class. I’ve got to figure out how to get her to not inhale all the crapola that they’ll have there. Or Eric will, since I’ll be in gee-tar class!

  2. Ants on a Log: celery sticks stuffed with either peanut butter or cream cheese, with raisins dotted on top (and Marlena could put those on.)
    Cherry tomatoes are bright red, suitable for V-Day.
    Pretzel sticks or whatever shapes you like, perhaps stuck into cheese cubes. Or they could be stuck into the cherry tomatoes.
    I’ll look for more ideas in the kids’ party book I’ve been trying to find.
    Good luck, Catt.
    Love, Mom

  3. Cheese stackers cut into heart shapes? Get deli sliced cheeses and lunch meats and use a super sharp heart cookie cutter? (or trace the heart with a sharp knife) They can roll them up on crackers?

    You could do pb and j or cream cheese and j on rice cakes.

    You could take peppers and slice off the top, fill them with hummus and stick celery/carrot sticks into it like hair and make them little heads?

    Einsteins has red heart-shaped bagels right now. Or maybe mini-bagels with cream cheese/pb and jelly?

  4. Thanks you guys! These are all good ideas, plus mom sent me some cool ones via email as well…

    currently I am looking at either heart shaped quesadillas, fruit kabobs, or whole wheat bagel mini pizzas.

    Ugh, they eat so much crap!

  5. Heh!

    We had a play date yesterday and I made the offering of snacks:

    Grapes and/or apples
    Cheese and crackers

    The response from Visiting Girl?

    “Do you have any Fruit Rollups?”
    “Uh, no. But I have actual fruit! Even better!”
    “Naaah. Do you have anything else?”
    Caitlin pipes in: “We have ham!”
    “Would you like a ham sandwich?”
    “No, just slices of ham.”


    Who turns down grapes?

    Are we that far from the mainstream or what?

    Good luck!

  6. Yes apparently we are, Marlena’s visiting friends, except for those part of this circle of people, are always shocked if I don’t offer rice krispies, cookies, chips, etc.

    I always offer cheese, peanut butter and whole wheat crackers, and or apple slices or orange slices.

    It is wierd.

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