Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

What are we doing this lovey day of love? Well, we are sitting at home with about 4 inches of wet ice/snow accumulating on our streets and sidewalks. Monkey’s school is closed today, which I think is silly as the roads seem to be just wet and gloppy.

Of course, I come from a land where the school didn’t close unless there were multiple feet of snow on the ground, so that may be the difference. (There was a pole in the courtyard of our school, if it was covered, they would close, otherwise, wear boots.)

Here they are closed today, when the worst thing I can say about the “snowfall” is that it is really wet and yucky. It actually looks more like slushy or icee fall, than snowfall.

Lee went to work, sadly, so Monkey and I are here, with our pile of healthy fruit kabob mixins and our holiday cheer. We are both wearing red or pink, and are ready to celebrate the day. Which we will do later but eating heart shaped peanut butter and honey sandwhiches and playing a reading game or two.

A Happy VDAY to all of you, if anyone wants to have some political fun this day, visit the Vagina Monologues, or see if anyone is doing a performance of them today, they are an amazing production, and are often performed around this time of year.

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  1. Happy Valentines to you too! My kids are home from school today also. The snow outside is weird. It crunches and that’s so very wrong.

  2. Snowing here. It’s been squeaking.

    Anyway, Caitlin’s school did their party and I was pleased by the food. There was candy, attached to several of the valentines themselves, but for the party itself? Fruit, cheese, crackers, juice, potato chips and more fruit.


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