In the mopes…

No baby, but no tears…

Just a little mopey. I am too far away from the stabilizing influence of my mother to withstand an “overdue” baby without moping. If I were with her there would be shopping, and tea, and sympathy to take my mind of the ever growing belly and ever increasing discomfort associated with it. Unfortunately, there is instead a need to do taxes, complete my July bar exam application, and no one in the house to assist in de-moping but two dogs and three cats. They try, but let’s face it, by comparison, they suck.

I am thinking a castor oil cocktail. It is a little on the drastic side for me, but I don’t get my water birth if they have to induce me, and I really want my water birth. So, after speaking with my doctor tomorrow, I may be swilling down a lovely castor oil and orange juice cocktail! Yummy!!!

It’s cool and raining here, which beats the massive, record breaking heatwave we had back home the last time I was this pregnant. So that is something.

5 thoughts on “In the mopes…”

  1. I wish you were here, too, sweetie. I sent off a package that has cookies in it. It’s addressed to Miss Bear, but I’m sure she’ll share. It might arrive tomorrow. In the meantime, make a list of places we can go when I come out to meet Mr. Oliver. We’ll make up for mopey days then. Much, much love. –Mom

  2. My suggestion (from previous experience) is to add a bit of vodka to make the whole thing more pleasant… not much, you understand 🙂

  3. It wasn’t sooo bad, basically just left an oily consistency in my mouth. Of course, it also hasn’t done anything yet, so maybe I didn’t do it right.

    Still waiting.

  4. Hi, it is Matt and Alena and we are wishing you well. We hope that Mr. Oliver is on his way soon and we cannot wait to meet him. We will get some good whole foods olives for the next time you visit… Oh yeah, Alena put you down for her bar application as an attorney reference so if the colorado bar calls you that is probably why…

  5. Now you’ve given me something to look forward to in late September – a planned delivery date! No wondering and waiting for me!

    Not that I’m not terrified of a planned cesarean birth…but having an actual date will be a small comfort.

    I hope for you to have many comforts and a large baby, very soon!

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