Ick and still nothing…

SO Castor oil isn’t as gross as it’s cracked up to be!

If you don’t mind your mouth being coated with an oily substance that never seems to go away. We had a lot of contractions last night, but nothing came of them. However, at the doctor this morning we learned that we are still 3 centimeters, have plenty of amniotic fluid, and the baby is fine. We got to see his little hands and face, and more of his penis. He is clearly a boy. His heart rate is good, the Non-stress test was good. The swelling and such that I had has gone down, so things look good.

Of course, in 5 days they are going to start talking induction, though they will let me go another 2 weeks before they demand it. However, I am really going to try for natural childbirth and the water birth, so more Castor oil and orange juice for me today.

It did nothing yesterday, but I can hope today will be different.

I will keep you all updated!!

This morning when I dropped Monkey off at school I walked into her classroom and the entire class said “Oh No!!” The teacher explained they had all been hoping she wasn’t there on time because I was having the baby. There is something odd about having an entire class of 5 year olds commiserate with you when you are overdue, it was pretty funny.

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  1. OK, THAT’S funny! The whole class, in unison! How neat!

    More castor oil! Lube him out!

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