Just you and me kid…

Our first day alone together…

Otter and I made it through our first day alone together! It was an interesting adventure. We had to get my bar app notarized and mailed, and there was freezing sleet falling all morning and early afternoon.

I bundled him up into a very cute quilted Pooh jacket and out we went to brave the cold! He did not like the cold. He is very good at letting me know what he doesn’t like. His little cry shifts between sounding like a pissed off cat to a sad little lamb.

He was a very good baby at the bank while we got the paperwork notarized, and then he was a good baby at the post office when he screamed so much that everyone urged me to cut in line so I could leave. Nothing like a screaming child to wake the chivalry in people!!

Once we were done with our errands we were both pretty beat. We came home, I made some lunch, assembled some baby toys, and we nursed and napped the rest of the afternoon away. I even felt well enough to cook dinner tonight!

He is currently conked out on his Daddy’s chest, having been placed there by a very eager mommy. Lee said he was jealous because I got snuggles all day, I gratefully handed him off and took a hot soaky bath! Lee has fully embraced his role as slave to Sir Otter, and being an engineer, has rigged up a baby sleeping station next to his computer!

I think it’s a brilliant use of his multi-tasking skills!

Well we are off to Nurse-a-thon 2007 again, this little boy has a big tummy, and he demands it be filled constantly!!!

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  1. Oh my – how great! I love the pictures…… what a little prince. I am happy to hear Sir slave to Oliver is doing well too.

    Love seeing your blog – I feel more connected to my peeps šŸ™‚


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