Schedule of a new mommy…

Picture by budding photographer and champion big sister Monkey.

Schedule of a new mommy…

8:15 am – Wake up, use bathroom, pack kiddo’s lunch, brush her hair, kiss her face, send her to school with daddy, scarf down breakfast.
8:35 am – Pick up the waking baby, change diaper, wash the pee off the baby (He finally hosed me today, got Lee many times this week, but for me today is the first), put on warm clothes.
8:45 am – Snuggle down to nurse. Wince as Otter attaches with relish, breathe deeply, fight off baby sleep vibes.
9:30 am – Finish nursing, pat Otter to sleep on my shoulder.
9:45 am – Set Otter in bassinet and slowly back out of the room, waiting for him to notice he is no longer being held. (Silently curse noisy dog, ruining my quiet retreat)
10:00 am – Relish the relative freedom provided by a bassinet, brush teeth and hair, answer emails, and post to blog!!! HELLO EVERYONE!!!

We have our first doctor’s appointment today at one, and then he and I will head to the store for some essentials. It is about the maximum of what I can do. I actually cleaned a little yesterday, and prepared dinner the day before, but for the most part I still ache as though I have a decent flu.

We gave Otter his first bath last night. Boy did he not like that. All the pictures we took must look as though he is being tortured. Poor baby.

My mom comes into town in mere days. YAY!! I have never wanted her here more than I do right now! Damn New Jersey and it’s pesky distance from home.

Otter is doing very well, it seems that the upside to birthing an 11 pound baby is his larger tummy. He is already sleeping four to five hours at a time at night. Blissfully, so am I. Of course, he also eats for an hour at a time. Boy can he eat!! I am going to have to start power consuming to keep up with him. As it is I am having a hard time staying hydrated!

Oh… wait, I hear tiny elephant trumpets! Has he noticed that his sleeping surface is not actually mommy? Wait….

No, he has settled back to sleep! Whew!

I am so grateful to the stylist who last cut my hair. As he cut it he lectured me about washing it every two days, instead of every day (as I am wont to do). Then he showed me how to style it on day two to make it look better than day one. As a happy result, today, on day of no time for shower, I have pretty, shiny, hair to sport to the doctor. I will not feel as Schlubby as I otherwise would. Of course, by the time I get to the doctor, I will have been spit up on about a hundred times, and I will still be in yoga pants and baggy shirts, so really, the hair only goes so far.

I am hearing more insistent elephant noises, I had best return to my post!

5 thoughts on “Schedule of a new mommy…”

  1. Oh my – Misty you are still a beautiful woman no matter how many layers of spit up you are wearing, pee on your shirt, hair ratted half way to heaven…….

    Don’t worry about it darling – you are a goddess (and a rockstar)…

    I love the photos – thank you so much for spending time posting, it makes me feel like you are not so far from me here in Colorado…

    Love you lots!!! Coni

  2. Thanks for reading the posts Coni, I miss you so much, but it helps to feel connected, even in this small way.

    I love reading your blog too, post more please!!

  3. Catt, tell Miss Bear that her photograph rocks! She’s an amazingly talented child.
    I’m getting ready to blow this popstand, and despite the usual pre-flight jitters, I’m so excited that I’ll be able to see all of you shortly. Love you,

  4. You have always managed to look stylish no matter how exhausted or frazzled you were, with a red cast at barrister’s, to boot! (pun intended)

  5. Hmm – note to sellf, is it physically possible to carry two 11 lb twins to term in order to cash in on some 4-5 hours worth of sleep each night?

    Go Oliver!

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