Agoo or poo…

(Apple hat courtesy of Ariel Benjamin, Thanks Ariel!! It’s so cute on him!)

Agoo or Poo?

Yes, the language and facial displays of babies can be decieving. Otter has been working very hard to express himself lately, both verbally, and physically. When he tried to talk, he will often scrunch up his face, turn red, and say “agoo”. When he poops he will often scrunch up his face and turn red as well, leaving the family to guess at his intentions… Agoo or Poo?

Mom goes home tomorrow, and we will miss her dearly. Oh how I want to move back home, into my parents house too. I keep asking Lee how he would feel about rooming with the ‘rents for a while, but he is less than enthusiastic about the idea. “We need more space” he says. Space shmace, I want my mom and dad!

It has been wonderful having her here, she has helped me organize the house, catch up on laundry, and shower on a regular basis. It is truly a gift to have had her with me. I can’t be too sad about her going though, her dogs need her, my dad needs her, and I get to have my dad out here in another week. I am spoiled!!

As for other news, I developed a breast infection day before yesterday. I have never had a higher fever in my life, I was up in the 105 range, with chills that would not die and delirium to match. Luckily I got to the doctor right away and the antibiotics are helping the fever go away. I still have a teeny one, but I am no longer freezing and shaking. Ugh. Oddly I learned that cabbage leaves tucked between your breast and bra will help draw out the milk from the plugged duct. Who knew? Cabbage, it’s not just for salad anymore.

2 thoughts on “Agoo or poo…”

  1. Oh man! I thought marathon nursing would “protect” you from infection? Eek!

    As for cabbage, I knew – but you never asked! : )

    Dooce even writes about cabbages on her blog during her nursing days with Leta.

  2. Hey… nice hat! I can only hope the sweater softens up enough to be comfortably wearable. So much for all natural 100% organic. Acrylic is so much softer than that hemp turned out to be. It’s pretty though! Oh well. Enjoy!

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