Amid the cries of baby…







It is a lovely thing, the first time your baby decides you are the end all be all of life and the human existence. When you can’t set him down without hearing him cry, can’t hand him off without hearing him cry, when you resign yourself to just hearing him cry so you can pee.

I am also the person who gets smiled at, and gets to snuggle the most, and gets the kisses, but I also get the most vomit, and god forbid I clean my kitchen, sweep my house, or cook dinner. I am oficially limited to foods that can be consumed with one hand and have little dripage.

Cereal is a hardship because of the milk, so mixing it with yogurt seems to help reduce spills.

Do not overcook pork chops and then try and eat them one handed, they will merely defeat you. Limit yourself to precut meals, or meat that is so tender it falls apart.

Happily I should be more than able to lost weight on my one handed diet, and with the vitamin supplements not suffer too much nutrition loss!!

On the bright side my dad is in town and I am beginning to feel the reality of the baby. After living with my parents when I had Monkey, it was difficult to fully embrace the new baby until I heard my parents goo and gah over him. Now he has been fully welcomed into the family, and his cries have been interpreted by my father to be commentary on the current political regime. Well frankly, I would cry too.

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  1. I am so good at eating with one hand and typing like I am doing right now! we can come play next week if you’d like. Have some lunch. Relax.

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