This week was my Father’s first visit out to see us in New Jersey, the first time Otter met his Grandfather, Monkey’s first school field trip. and my first solo stint with two children.
Daddy got here Tuesday, and we enjoyed his visit so much. Otter was a little uncertain about the usefulness of another “boob-less” person in the house, but Dad won him over by Thursday with songs and snuggles. He even got a few “ear to ear jobs” as Dad calls baby grins.
Otter sleeping on Da:
Da singing to Otter:

Monkey played a number of rousing games of “Go-Fish” with her Da, and he actually won a few of them. (She is quite the card shark and never forgets a card someone has asked for.) Da also chaperoned her field trip to the Staten Island Zoo. He was a very brave man to volunteer to ride an hour or so on a bus with 20 chattering kindergarteners. They had a nice time, and Monkey was able so show her Da off to her classmates.
Da and Monkey off to the field trip:

Monkey excited about her field trip:
Monkey has had a hard time with Otter taking some of her thunder, and my Dad went a long way to reminding her that she is a sweet and special little girl, and that she is still a star, albeit one who has to share the spotlight from time to time.

Bella, our dog, got to snuggle in the guest bed with Dad at night, while Andy, our other dog, tried to win me over by staying in the bedroom.(It’s didn’t work, she is still not allowed to eat off the kitchen counter.)

Lee left for his conference on Thursday morning. Otter and I dropped him at the train station at 4:30 am. Ugh. Once he was gone a strange thing occured, I began waking up covered in cats. All three of them crept onto the bed and slept there, Rue above the baby, Chloe at my feet, and Hazel at my side.

As for me, I got to have several days of daddy hugs, and conversation over a shared beer or cup of coffee. He and I used to have coffee about once a week on his way to work, and I was really missing the chance to build castles in the air with him. It was great to have a chance for leisurely conversation, even if we had to sneak it in between the needs of the kiddos.

Of course today we had to take him to the airport, and we cried like babies all the way home, except for the baby, who slept. Monkey said “Nama and Da are just so special to me, and now they live there and we live here, it’s not fair! I can’t wait to live there again!”
Oh honey, how very much I agree with you.

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