We had a mellow Father’s Day weekend. We took Lee out for dinner on Saturday so we didn’t have to face the holiday rush with the little ones. We “went Outback” and had yummy beef cooked with garlic potatoes.
Mmmm….. good steak.

Then Marlena and I gave Lee his presents, which consisted of a DVD of pictures and movies set to music, a card, and for his geeky side, a locking carabiner. (I mean one with a combination, not one that locks into place.) We then took him to the Freehold mall for a massage and Apple store visit.

All in all it was a grand ole time.

We had Shane and Maggie come by on their way to Nashville, and Kate and her mother Betsy came over to see the baby and visit the beach with us. I was a little nervous about Oliver on the beach, but he was fine. He sat with me in the shade of the umbrella and nursed for most of the day, but rode happily in his sling when I walked in the water for a few minutes.

We are getting ready to move, soon we will be in a house that doesn’t make us angry.

Here is a wee video of Oliver checking out the camera, he is pretty sceptical about it.

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  1. Awwwww. Nama is now trying to work in a puddle of goo. Or maybe I’m the puddle of goo. Give that baby & his big sister some smacking kisses!

  2. Cute as a button and I can’t believe how big Marlena is getting. My how time flys!

    Keep up the good work. The world needs happy kids, more frogs and conscious corporations.



  3. Hey Chris! Good to see you here!
    I would love a weekly email update on your life, maybe we can set up an email exchange.

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