Power corrupts… absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Woman gets harassed and humiliated by airport personnel for use of a sippy cup.

Okay. What the hell are we becoming in this nation?
This poor woman was detained with her toddler for having and then spilling tap water from a sippy cup. She was harrassed and detained against her will, humiliated, and made to clean up the water, all because she said “tap water” instead of “nursery water” or “bottled water”.

WHAT THE HELL IS NURSERY WATER???!!! Has the transportation security administration transported us to a distant land when water takes on special characteristics if placed in a sippy cup from a nursery?

I can tell you this, I am tired of reading about people being humiliated and harassed by airport security personnel. I am tired of varying degrees of enforcement and the uncertainty of knowing what will or will not be allowed onto a plane each time you travel.

None of this actually protects us from terrorism, it simply allows petty ass-hats employed by TSA and airports to mistreat and abuse us.

If this ever happens to me, I am going to immediately ask for the names and badges of all involved and start talking lawyer. This crap should be illegal. If it were done in any other setting, it would be. You can’t even treat suspected shoplifters as badly.

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  1. This is the sort of thing that Bivens v. 6 unknown narc agents was made for — except that government agents can’t be sued for acts done within the descretionary range of their jobs. But the 4th amendment consitutional tort is pretty strong. Just another example of why lawyers are so important.

  2. Well, there it is.

    The comments on the linked article run the gamut from “Why was she so stupid as to have water in the cup in the first place” to “Let’s revolt!”.

    This was one of the things that I’d mentioned in my post on our first travel day. One group of people took over planes with box cutters, now anything (including eyelash curlers?!!) that remotely looks like a knife is banned. One person – ONE! – had a bomb that didn’t work in his shoe, now everyone has to take their shoes off and slow down the line. Including children. One group supposedly planned to mix a bunch of chemicals together (which never would have worked anyway) to blow up a plane and now all of us have to check all of our luggage because of the assorted liquids we like to carry in our lives: makeup, lotion, shampoo, toner, saline solution, hair gel, etc.

    None of these things has made us any safer, it has only slowed down the process of getting onto a plane and made it that much more stressful. The only way it will stop will be when the Legislature steps in and does something about it.

    Personally, it seems as if each item is one more bite out of our ability to travel freely wherever and whenever we want. We live in a fascist state and it will only get worse unless we elect radicals that will actually do something in Congress.

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