Field Day… or not.

So Marlena was supposed to have Field Day today at Camp Arrowhead. She was very excited about running races and winning prizes (maybe, as she kept adding). Sadly, there was rain, lots of it, so they just went on a nature hike and played on some camp playgrounds. What really annoyed me was the attitude of the camp personnel. Her school had a rain day on Monday, but there was a scheduling snafu and Monday is a half day, so they wouldn’t have been able to go at all. The principal therefore insisted they do what they could today, rather than miss out altogether, but the staff was pretty snippy about it. One would think they would be able to get past that to give a great day to the kids despite the disappointing weather, but we are not all adults, regardless of age.

Marlena had a lot of fun though, Oliver and I came along for a little while to shoot some pictures:
Marlena shows some muscle:

Go Sister!

Marlena outside of school:

Marlena pushes the swing:

Marlena and Mr. Brown:

Sadly there was more rain at the end of the day, so the kids had to leave a little early and ended up watching movies, but they did get a lot of running around time and outside time, and all in all Marlena had a lot of fun. She is such an adaptable kiddo, always good at figuring out a way to be happy with what she has. She gets a blue ribbon in my book anyway!

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  1. Sorry to hear field day got rained out. Hopefully she did have some fun anyway. I like the picture of Oliver cheering on his big sis. Too cute!

    We are skipping swim class today because it’s so cool and cloudy. I think the high for the day is like 65. Brr.

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