Oh how the time flies…

Marlena’s 6th birthday party was a splash!

She and her friends spent hours in the splash park playing and running around. She pretended to blow out candles on this very windy day, and delved happily in to cake and Ice cream sandwiches. She opened gifts and laughed and smiled.
At one point, she and her friend Alex were strolling together across the field, and they reached out and held hands. His mom Melissa and I just looked at each other. Our babies first hand holding!!

Somewhere between July 13, 2001 and now, my little baby girl became a delicately beautiful young woman. I was amazed looking at some of the pictures of the party.

Simon helps Marlena with her headband:

Here she is dumping water over her head:

Here Marlena, Alexander, and Hannah play with one of the park’s many water features:
Marlena, Simon, and Alex read a birthday card:

Marlena opens a present from Alexander. (Look at how incredibly lovely she is! She is getting so grown up! Where did all the baby fat in her face go?)

Hannah reads a card to Marlena:

This one breaks my heart. When did her lashes get so long and dark?
Marlena reads Gabriella’s lovely handmade card: (When Gabriella gave it to her, she was so cute, she said “Oh I bet I know who this is from”. Later on, she told me she knew it was from Gabriella because she recognized her style of drawing.)

Morgan, Mason, Alex, Simon, and Gabriella watch as Marlena ooh’s and aah’s over her present from Nama and Da. She has wanted an Aqua Doodle for a long time. Thanks Nama and Da!!

A birthday kiss from Mommy:

After all the presents were opened some of the party guests went home, but Marlena, Alex, and Gabriella went in for another round of splashing.
Marlena and Gabriella:

We had a great time and got lots of lovely pictures. Too many to post here. I will be emailing many of them to the apporpriate parties.

This friday we are taking her to dinner and to see the new Harry Potter. It is a really special birthday this year. Marlena was born on Friday the 13th and this is the first time her birthday has fallen on a friday since she was born. Therefore, since it is a double birthday, we are going to have two celebrations! At least. (She is finangling for one in Denver when we come home in August.)

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  1. Great pix, Catt. It’s hard to believe that our girl has been on the planet for six years. She’s grown so much. Give her a big hug. Can’t wait to see all of you.

  2. Happy birthday…party! Looks like everyone had a great time.

    Missing you!

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