No faith at all… bad or otherwise

The eye of the storm…

It seems the Bad Faith acting landlords were actually merely soliciting my advice, not attempting to get to pay to replace the carpets. Forget that any rational individual would have read their email as an indication they were attempting to get us to buy them new carpet, they were really just asking for our knowledge. The house is great, they say, and we were great tenants. The check will be in the mail this week. (What is that hissing sound you ask? It’s my righteous litigation balloon deflating.)

I am sure they will never rent to a lawyer again, if they can help it.

Otter is getting better at tummy time, and seems to hate it less. He has such a large body, lifting all that cushy baby fat must be really hard, poor guy. However, day before yesterday he lifted his head up several times, and has continued to do so whenever placed on his tum-tum. Granted, he mostly lifts it to complain, but he does lift it. He is also a big fan of standing, his ability to rise up on his legs makes him smile again and again.

Monkey is progressing in her reading, and is beginning to do very well. She had been reading to Otter and me once a day. This week it is from the book “Oliver Cat goes to Planet B.” She likes to show her baby brother the pictures, and explain what is going on to him.

The children took a bath together yesterday, and Otter was so proud to be in the tub with Monkey. He looked at her, at the water, at her, and smiled a huge baby grin! Monkey greatly enjoyed the bath as well, showing Otter the various different ways you can wash your hair, your hands, etc.

The house is more settled, and I am beginning to feel slightly more human, and less like a stress-kitten. I am still firmly planted in the spinning vortex of a life filled with baby, child, pets, husband, and house, but there seems to be an occasional eye to my storm. It helps that Mom is here. Yay Mom!

Breathe. Take a page from FlyLady, and forgive myself for somehow losing entire days to games of Kiss the baby feet, and helping Monkey read. The housework will still be here, for the days that do seem to have fragments of discernable time.

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