A pregnant woman doesn’t enter a bar

The Bar Exam…

Is this upcoming week, however, after a long and hard think, I will not be taking it. Instead, I will be finishing the complaint for my first ever case as a licensed attorney, and will be compiling educational materials to assist in establishing a foundation in honor of my friend Nick.

As to my reasons, between baby, moving, and burnout, it was simply too much. I couldn’t make enough milk to feed Otter, freeze a store for the exam, and train him on the bottle. I couldn’t get the house unpacked, work on my case, and prepare mentally for the exam. I couldn’t get enough sleep to remember all the elements of a contract, or the Rule against Perpetuities (which I used to teach). It was all too much.

Thank you to everyone who believed I could do it, it helped to think I could, and I am beyond honored to be thought so smart by so many smart people. However, this time around, my eyes were bigger than my stomach, when it came to filling my plate.

So I am going to focus on getting things off my plate, reading Harry Potter, and having a good time with my mother.

5 thoughts on “A pregnant woman doesn’t enter a bar”

  1. Good for you Misty! It’s important for us women to remember to take care of ourselves in addition to taking care of everyone else.

  2. Good for you Misty. For people like you (and me too) sometimes it is more of a challenge to know when NOT to do things…

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