In all parody

What happens when a creatively inclined type A personality stays home with the kids all day?
Musical Parodies!

The burping song: (Sung to “We will rock you!” by Queen. New lyrics by Moi!!)

“Pat pat pat
Pat pat pat

You’ve got a rumbly hunger
deep inside your tummy
time to fill it up with something
warm and yummy

You’ve got milk on your face
a big disgrace,
spitting that milk all over the place

Singing we will, we will, burp you.”

pat pat pat
pat pat pat

We will, we will, burp you.”

The standing song, created when Otter began to push himself up into a standing position. (Sung to “I believe I can fly” by R. Kelly. New Lyrics by Moi!)

“I believe I can stand
I believe I can eat my hand
I believe in my sister’s smile
the one that shines at me all the while

I believe I can stand
I believe I have many fans
All those people who kiss my toes
wipe my bottom and wipe my nose,
I believe I can stand.”

Otter likes his standing song so much now that he looks pointedly at me every time he rises up as if to say “Where is my theme song mommy?”

5 thoughts on “In all parody”

  1. You crack me up! But be careful… little boys are easily spoiled. You’ll be singing songs to potty training… songs for the first day of school… songs for learning how to drive the car… 😉

  2. Lol… it is more likely he will be ducking his head and hoping his friends are all deaf when I make up too many songs.

  3. Okay, this is great! I want to use this with my babe tomorrow! We will, we will, burp you!


  4. That is the cutest……… UNTIL HE’S A TEENAGER!!!!! You need to remember it and sing it at his graduation party – or even better yet………….his wedding.

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