Worst foot forward

What a pain in the foot…

I had foot surgery last year to repair a genetically fracked bone structure. All seemingly went well, though I was unable to attend physical therapy due to the endless hours of preparation for the bar exam. I did a lot of physical therapy at home, and at school, on my own, and my doctor cleared me. All seemed well.

That it, until about two hours ago when something painfully snapped in my foot while I walked slowly across my bedroom. My foot was at the end of it’s step when a spot directly under one of my scars from the surgery snapped and began to swell. It tingled and hurt like mad for over an hour, and has, with Ibuprofen and ice, gone down in size and pain level. However, I can not bring myself to fully walk on it, as doing so requires me to move it in the manner that caused it to snap.

The spot in question is so incredibly sore to the touch that I really want to hit Lee each time he checks it out. I am not sure how I am going to handle putting a blanket on it.

Of course, in 10 days I am traveling home to Denver with two children on my own, so I am sure that the foot issue won’t make that more difficult or anything.

Here, enjoy some babies, looking at them made me feel a little better, and I want to share the love;
Olttr after a bath:

Monkey discovers the fun in bubble bath beauty parlors:

Otter and his new blocks:

A captured baby smile:

4 thoughts on “Worst foot forward”

  1. Can we bring you anything from home? We promise we’ll be helpful when we arrive.

  2. That looks like it really hurts! Your kids are adorable, however, and I can totally see how they can put you at ease.

    You should still see a doctor, though!

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