It’s just another day… again.

We are staying in Denver until the weekend, having changed our tickets so we can better respond to the various issues that have arisen with Mom’s hospitalization.

We went and visited her in the hospital again today, and she is really no better or worse. She is responding to commands, but her 2cnd degree burns are becoming 3rd degree burns despite her doctor’s attempts to prevent that by flooding her with saline. She still looks horrible, and I have no idea what to hope for. All outcomes point to wretched.

I spoke with the fire marshal and it looks like she may have been smoking after all. Either that or there is a massive conspiracy to kill her and make her death look like and accident. Ockham’s Razor would indicate that she has begun smoking again.

We have no idea how to feel about that, or at least, I don’t.

We found out that her apartment had asbestos in it, so all her stuff is covered in asbestos, so if we want to keep any of her things we have to pay to have them professionally cleaned of toxic waste. Many of the things Lee planned on keeping as momentos of his childhood were in her place. I wish there was something I could do to make this easier on him.

In other news, Marlena was on better behavior today, and got all cute and creative making crowns for each member of the family. She went about it all quite intelligently, measuring the size of our heads with strips of paper, taping them together, cutting out shapes and taping them on for decoration. She even made one for Oliver. It kept her busy for a while, without the T.V.! Yay!

We still had an issue at bedtime, but pretty much she was good today. I think she is feeling the tension in the air, and responding to it the only way she can. Sadly, that looks a lot like being psycho.

Oliver tried a new food today. So far he can eat Rice Cereal, Squash, and Carrots. He tried Pears, but did not like them, so we will have to try them again later. He is getting better at actually eating solid food, instead of pushing it out of his mouth with his tongue after each bite.

We will go and see mom again tomorrow and hopefully we will have a better idea of her chances then.

2 thoughts on “It’s just another day… again.”

  1. You know it’s hard on kids to not be in their own space… even if it’s a familiar space like Grandma’s house. I think you’ll notice Marlena will be back to normal once you all return back to what’s normal.
    I’m sorry to hear that Lee’s mom isn’t progressing too much ~ still sending healthy vibes. Hang in there…

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