I shouldn’t criticize what I don’t understand…

Well, except for the following answer by Miss Teen South Carolina, I feel fairly comfortable criticizing this, and I don’t understand it at all. Then again, who could?

We are back in the Garden State, back in our home, and back to our regularly scheduled programming. More blogging on the events of the last month later, until then, please enjoy the above glimpse into the nervous ramblings of a beauty contestant.

6 thoughts on “I shouldn’t criticize what I don’t understand…”

  1. Well, I feel bad for her. Whether she’s actually stupid or whether she just completely and utterly froze, I don’t think we’ll ever know.

    It does, however, give me an additional level of dislike for the whole pagentry thing.

  2. Actually, I saw her on an interview explaining her mistake, and the actual answer she intended to give was just as dumb, though it didn’t mention South Africa, and was slightly more coherent.
    It still boiled down to “We should focus on Geography in schools so Americans can identify their country.”

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