Love of my life… life that I love.

Thank you for agreeing to join me in life. Thank you for liking roller coasters, having ambition, and seeing no bounds to our individual potential. Thank you for being a softy, and for sharing my need to take in strays and be surrounded by, and covered in, fur. Thank you for believing in magic and maintaining your sense of wonder.

Thank you for being frustratingly practical, and for making me think things through. Thank you for waking me up with a cup of coffee, even when I want to sleep. Thank you for waking up the baby, simply because you want a chance to play with him. Thank you for playing games with Marlena, and getting her riled up right before bedtime.

Thank you for telling me I am beautiful, when I call you a pain in the ass. Thank you for holding me when I cry, and understanding that I need to. Thank you for bringing me ice water, even when you weren’t going downstairs. Thank you for telling me you love me everyday, and for being willing to build a life with me, everyday.

Thank you for our family, and everything you do to keep us safe, and healthy, and happy.

Most of all, thank you for you. You are everything I could want in a partner, and I am beyond blessed to have you here with me. Happy Anniversary.

6 thoughts on “Love of my life… life that I love.”

  1. YOU have an amazing family Misty – Who would have thought 8 years ago how you have formed your life from a ball of clay into a beautiful sculpture!!

    Love ya,

  2. That is really sweet! I clicked on your from my blog just because of the title of your post. I could see it from my BlogHer ad. Happy Anniversary!

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