The fog…

I walked Marlena to school this morning in a dense fog, for once literally, as opposed to my usual lack-of-sleep induced mental fog. It was the type of fog that makes the sky look as though it is bleeding into the rest of the world. A boundary fuzzing fog. A quiet book reading by the fire, drinking hot cocoa, kind of fog. No, not hot cocoa, chocolate, drinking chocolate, like they did in Europe, preferably brought to me by a butler. A trusty and loyal butler, who has been with my family for as long as I can remember and who helps maintain my BatCave when I am off saving the world from heavily made up melodramatic Jack Nicholsons.

Shakes off the fog

My son has fallen asleep in his jumper again. I have no idea why he would want to sleep crouched over a hard plastic surface attached to bunjee cables, but he does. He will occasionally startle a little, jump once or twice, and then fall back into slumber. I think it is safe to say he is silly.

I have been spending my headache recovery wisely, transforming yarn into warm hats and mittens, watching ER reruns, and generally avoiding doing anything that resembles real work. Sadly that must stop. The headache is gone, the headache hangover is mostly gone, and the pile of work on my desk is still here. Sigh.

I need to get this work all done today, and make yet another trip to Costco, this time for supplies for Marlena’s school. It is only $46 for a case of multi-purpose paper there. Two cases would more than double the amount of paper her teacher can use for the class. I am sending in paper, glue sticks, and these awesome little answer paddles I found.

I was tempted to buy individual chalkboards and chalk, and then photograph today’s children learning with the same materials used by Laura Ingalls Wilder in the Little House on the Prairie, but I should devote all my resources to helping the children instead of making photograpic political statements.

Off to the BatCave.

4 thoughts on “The fog…”

  1. Those paddles are awesome. Need them for team meetings at work 🙂

    As for the chalkboards, Elliot’s old daycare used them in preschool. It didn’t create waste and the kids had something sturdy to take back & forth between school and home with notes. My only hangup – I don’t like chalk dust. But I also don’t like marker ink. So, I think I’m sort of stuck.

  2. Hee hee! That would be sadly hilarious – a bunch of 6 year olds in denim and gingham, crouched uncomfortably in the dark over their “slates,” bunched around a smoky old . . . um . . . space heater (if they’re lucky), wearing gloves with the fingers cut off . . .

    But I’m sure the neo cons would love it! One once told me that an ergonomic stapler is a luxury item that the taxpayers shouldn’t have to buy, blah blah blah . .

  3. That fog sounds wonderful… I haven’t seen a good fog in years and it makes me want a butler and hot chocolate too. 🙂

    yes, Oliver is quite a silly boy, in my opinion. 🙂

    Love the slate idea… Go for it, Mama!

  4. The slate idea would be fun, but limited. More useful these days? Individual whiteboards and dry-erase markers. I buy a big slab from Home Depot and have them cut it down to size. It’s much cheaper than formally ordering from a school supply catalog.

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