You know the best way to get over an anxiety attack?

Break up a violent argument! (Ha, ha, HA, NOT!)

I heard a big fight outside my house as I tried to use the bathroom alone for the first time all day. Two women and a man were yelling in increasingly frantic spanish, while a baby screamed. Then suddenly the baby went silent.

Why look, I can navigate our stairs really fast when motivated to do so!

Outside, I asked if anyone needed help, only to be reminded by Devon that they were arguing in spanish.

“Necessitas Ayudas?” I asked/yelled.

“Si! Si! Telephono la Policia!” responded the most frantic of the women. I told Devon to do so as the man began to walk off with the baby, the frantic lady following as close as she could and the other woman dragging the stroller behind her.

The police showed up fast enough to make me happy, and were interviewing the people before they made it halfway down the block.

I am so certain this experience will lessen my inexplicable yet completely palpable anxiety.

2 thoughts on “You know the best way to get over an anxiety attack?”

  1. Thank the Spaghetti Monster that you were there! I’m sure most people would have hesitated. Many would have done nothing at all! You’re my hero of the month. I mean, who knows whose baby it was, but I don’t think ‘snatching’ is the best way to figure it out.

    Happy Birthday, by the way. 🙂

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