Technical difficulties.

Okay, so apparently my embedded video only showed for me yesterday, so hopefully that will be fixed with a new direct from YouTube posting of the video.

As for the contest winners… I am sorry, but you will have to wait for tomorrow. I am experiencing technical difficulties. (Read as: I am sick, horribly, fevery, headachy, shivery, throat sorey sick).

What I dislike the most about being a mommy is being sick. Why? Because I got to spend my sick day doing the following:
1. Signing Marlena up for Swim lessons at the Y (which required filling out endless forms while holding a cranky baby on my hip).
2. Caring for a sick, and therefore screaming, infant.
3. Emptying a catbox (all three defeated me, it was simply too hard).
4. Swiffing the fur covered floor (I couldn’t take it anymore, the furballs were sticking to my feet when I walked into the kitchen. Eew.)
5. Cleaning up cat pee (which prompted the catbox emptying. Whenever the cats are offended by the catbox, they pee on my stuff. That’s right, MY stuff, no one else’s, just mine).
6. Cleaning up cat vomit (why should I be the only one who is sick? Am I selfish or something? Spread the illness around baby!)

So yeah, great day to be sick. I am sorry I didn’t get the contest stuff done, I will do so tomorrow.

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