Two toys down, a bunch more to go.

Today was a good toy making day. Both children were home sick, so I sewed away on baby toys while Otter played in his exersaucer and Monkey lay in bed with movies and homemade chicken noodle soup. I was able to finish a socktopus and a ball for Otter. Best of all, I found some chinese exercise balls in a drawer and safely stuffed one into each toy. They chime! Whenever he shakes them or rolls them he will hear a melodious chime!

Aren’t they cute?

**** Monkey is doing better today. She has been on the super strong decongestant, and that, combined with bed rest, seems to have calmed her asthma down some. Now it is just a matter of getting it all back under control.

3 thoughts on “Two toys down, a bunch more to go.”

  1. Yes they are cute. Very cute. I can sew. But only things that are generally of a square nature (blankets, curtains).

    I can’t believe those are your unpaired socks. I would loved those socks so fervently that they never would have lost a mate. 🙂

  2. I loved though socks so much! They didn’t actually lose a mate, I wore them so much I wore the bottoms out of them, so they went into the scrap bag.

    The great thing about this socktopus is that it’s all straight lines. Very simple.

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