Sugar and spice…

This just in, after assuming the attitudes and behaviors of the prepubescent teen for weeks, Monkey is definitely on the sweet side of childhood lately. She does miraculously continue to infuse many statements with the “Well Duh” inflection, but she has started offering to help, and randomly saying things like “Who’s my favorite Mommy? Why you are!” right before giving me a kiss.

Rather than study this amazing phenomenon, I plan on simply enjoying the little girl kisses and snuggles I have been missing. It is nice to have a relationship with my girl that does not involve her stomping off and sighing every time I ask her anything. This unexpected niceness is certainly bathing me in warm fuzzies. I am gobbling up the random hugs, unexpected kisses, and sweet little girl love.

In weather, We are starting to get snow, and Monkey is so excited about it that she dashed outside to catch the few pathetic dribbles on her tongue the other day.

I caught her trying to make a snow man out of the 1/4 inch of snow melting in our driveway, it was very sweet. I explained that we needed to wait for a real snow storm, and since then she has been excitedly looking at every dark cloud like it contains the secret to her snow man.

The only downside to the weather has been the extreme cold and high winds. The wind is so cold and hard that it whips your breath away. Otter clings desperately to me each time we leave the house and I can hear his little baby gulps as he tried to catch his breath in the cold. We have been trying not to go out much.

Two weeks until we go back to Denver! I love the holidays!

4 thoughts on “Sugar and spice…”

  1. Glad you are still seeing your sweet baby girl in that young lady that is trying to find her way through the growing up process! Great photo, by the way! Love your new camera!

  2. Arrgh! My arms are jonesing for Miss Bear hugs, and my cheeks want sloppy Oliver kisses. MUST HOLD GRANDCHILDREN. SOON.
    Oh yeah, and I’m needing my own little girl back here, too.

  3. I love the comment from your mom!! She sounds just like you MUST _______ SOON! I MUST see my Misty in December when you are here……. you tell me the time and I will be there! You are a fantastic friend – I love you LOTS.

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