Not one… not two… but six!

Otter has more teeth coming in. Six of them in fact. He has one that has broken through the surface of his gums right next to his first tooth, then another pushing on the gum next to that. He has three right at the point of breaking through on his top gums, and another that is really close. You can see the outline of his little toofies-to-be below:

It is my belief that he is pushing so hard for teeth because his Daddy gave him steak, and he wants more. I think he knows that a whole world of food will open up to him when he can chew more effectively, and given his current love of food, and insane growth rate, I am sure his body is simply ramping up the tooth development to meet the new steak demand.

His teeth aren’t the only thing ramping up. He is getting closer and closer to crawling every day, he has begun pulling up on furniture to try and stand, he grabs everything in reach (we have to park the shopping cart in the middle of the aisle to avoid spilled and broken goods), and his curiosity is intense.

What is that Mama? Can I grab it? Just… hold…still…a…minute…I almost have the blinking, clicking thing….

He is still a very happy baby, despite his sore gums, and he spends a lot of time beaming his super powered rays of cuteness at everyone within reach. Now he is going to beam some cuteness your way:

4 thoughts on “Not one… not two… but six!”

  1. Omigod, hug and kiss that child for me RIGHT NOW!!! He’s incredibly cute, just like his sister. Hug&kiss to her, too. Soon, SOON, I’ll be able to do it myself.

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