Motherhood is a contact sport.

I have no idea why my infant insists on banging his head against my head/jaw/face/nose/mouth/ears. I do know that it hurts. He has a hard little (okay, not so little) noggin and he keeps smacking it into mine. I have had a headache everyday this week because WHAM! into my head goes his skull.

I assume it has something to do with his teething, and that he is attempting to express his pain and frustration physically. Still, it hurts! This morning after nursing when I sat him up to burp him he smiled, started swaying back and forth, and then once he had gotten some good momentum going BAM! BAM! BAM! right into my jaw.

Suffice it to say, he is now in his playpen very far away from me. I am popping Ibuprofen and cursing lightly under my breath (while venting via blog). I have never suffered so many injuries cuddling before!

Monkey is on a new Asthma medicine. Her new doctor diagnosed her with Chronic Mild Asthma, basically saying she wheezes at a low level all the time, with occasional peaks when she has been running around or out in the cold. Right now she is on Prednisone, but only for a week as it can have serious side effects with long time use. She is also on a new bronchial steroid because her old one was making her very jittery.

Hopefully all this new medication will get her back to breathing easily. Of course, we can never be without prescription coverage again, as her new bronchial steroid is nearly $400.00 a scrip. Boy did I panic when I saw that! Actually, I freaked when the cost of her meds after insurance covered it was $140.00. Then I looked at the receipts and freaked again, though this time in a “thank the PTB’s for health insurance” kind of way.

Given how common asthma is in children in this country I am amazed that a treatment plan cost over $600.00, when it is for such a short time period. That cost doesn’t include the home nebulizer either, as we already had that. It makes me want to establish a foundation to assist parents of asthmatic children with the cost of their medication. Of course, if I had the resources to start a foundation, I likely wouldn’t notice the high cost of these medications. Sigh.

Anyway, other than being extra hyperactive and nauseated, Monkey is tolerating her new medication well. Of course, she is already annoyed with having to take her inhaler every four to six hours, and she hates the taste of the prednisone, even though we paid extra to have them flavor it. (Last time she chose lemon, thinking it would be lemonade flavored. Nope, it was lemon. Sour, tart, bitter, lemon. This time she chose grape. It didn’t matter either way, she still hates the way it tastes.)

I have to get the rest of our packages together and shipped for our trip home, and then I have to do laundry and pack. When is the technological community going to come up with a transporter? I hate traveling.

3 thoughts on “Motherhood is a contact sport.”

  1. There’s something to that head banging, and I’ll ask my friend what it is. Her son did it to. He went to a chiro/homeopath and then it ended. I *think* it’s something with growing and the head plates not aligning *quite* right.

  2. For the yucky tasting prednisone.. I know how strange it sounds, but have marlena stick some play-doh up her nose. Ok.. not really up her nose, but a nice plug to stop the taste, then rinse her mouth out. Avoids the taste almost entirely. Plus it’s always fun to stick play-doh up your nose.

  3. Ah, the prednisone. Even grown-up prednisone tastes awful. Taking it in a strong tasting spoonful of chocolate pudding is one solution — that is, when she’s old enough to take the tiny pills instead of the liquid. Hopefully, she’ll outgrow this somewhat and never need to take the grow-up prednisone.

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