All the world’s a stage…

Monkey performed in her school’s Theatre Week on Friday. A company named Better than Broadway (which isn’t really better than broadway) comes around to NJ schools, spends a week teaching participating students a play, and then they perform the play for their classmates and parents at the end of the week.

This performance was The Rotten Princess, a cute, yet annoyingly memorable parody of The Taming of the Shrew. Monkey played the role of a peasant girl, one of the Grandmother’s thirteen grandchildren. We have been hearing “Whoop di doo, Hip Hooray, this is quite a special day, let’s all cheer Katrina’s gone away!” sung in the house all week long.

Monkey did very well with the performance, especially considering she has been hyped up on prednilsone all week long. Really Hyped Up. But she focused, and sang her little heart out, and made us very proud.

Here is my little peasant girl in costume:

Here is most of the cast waiting for the performance to begin (I kept them seated before the performance by snapping about a hundred cast photos and telling everyone they had to stay seated to be in them. It worked rather well.):

Here she is singing and marching away with the chorus:

And here is my big girl onstage with some of the other grandchildren during their little scene:

She really enjoyed the experience, and has expressed an interest in further theatrical exploration. I told her she can pursue her dreams of floorboards and stage lights after she tires of the piano. One pricey(ish) creative endeavor at a time.

2 thoughts on “All the world’s a stage…”

  1. She looks so cute. A star is born.

    Well, at least now I know what play Hannah will be doing at school this year.

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