Twas the 10 days of christmas…

and all through Nama’s house,
Many creatures were stirring,
even, sadly, a mouse.

It emerged from it’s home,
in the back of the pan bin,
and boldly set out to
investigate the kitchen.

Attempting to update my blog,
I was lost deep in thought,
until I heard squeaking,
A fan of mice I am not!

Once I could place
my feet back on the floor,
Off went the computer,
and I went out the door!

But the mouse is just one
of my yuletide feats,
I discovered Yarn Mecca,
and had plenty to eat.

I shopped with my mom,
drank coffee with dad,
I snuggled new babies,
and drank wine, good and bad!

I saw family and friends,
got trapped inside by snow,
with warm coughing children
and a cozy soft throw.

I am here back in Jersey,
in the rain and the now
but my stories must wait,
while I go level in WOW!

So I will see you tomorrow,
in this dear blogosphere,
A happy holidays to all
and a Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Twas the 10 days of christmas…”

  1. Good poem, Catt. The house is much quieter, even with Maggie here. No sign of the mouse, at least as far as I’m concerned, but Shane said he saw it a day or two ago. We’ll always have company. I’ll send the box tomorrow, I hope. Love and hugs to all–

  2. You know what cracks me up? I finished writing MY goofy poem and then came and had a peek at your site and you had done the same thing! And also mentioned WOW!

    We’re such geeks.

  3. But a geek is a good thing to be these days — isn’t it? We get mice now and then, too. Old house, old-fashioned cellar, they come in. We don’t like to let them stay, so we trap them.

  4. It is good to be a geek nowadays.

    We get a lot less skin cancer, for one thing.


    BTW, Daisy, I love the name of your blog: Compost Happens! I love compost! : )

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