Happy New Year!!

Wow. Once again a year has passed and I sit here thinking “Really!? Already?”

This year was an interesting one. We moved to a new house in a new township, we lost a dear friend and a mother, we gained a son and a roommate. I started my own practice, Lee got promoted, Monkey started a new school. The house is filled with sounds of Monkey playing piano, and Otter talking his baby talk. I made new friends, joined a Mom’s Club, and got a new grown up camera.

We took trips back home to Denver and trips to Virginia Beach. We drove and flew. I am dizzy with the amount of traveling we did. Whew!

I can’t believe how quickly the time flies! I remember when summer felt like it lasted 50% of forever, and now an entire year feels as though it passes in a week. I am getting old.

Well, on to the New Year’s Resolutions, I tried to make realistic resolutions that I would actually me motivated to keep, as opposed to life changing sweeping resolutions that I will discard with the first appearance of a brownie.

1. I am going to do a 5-10 minute workout routine each morning to get my blood flowing and a 5-10 minute yoga routine each evening.

2. I am going to spend more time snuggling my husband and children.

3. I am going to learn how to crochet something hard, like gloves.

4. I am going to energize my career and get it going in earnest.

5. I am going to go to the Hunger Site everyday and click all six buttons.

6. I am going to donate 1000 grains of Free Rice a week.

7. I am going to fix my sewing machine and find a use for the piles of fabric I have hoarded over the years.

8. I am going to get rid of a lot of stuff.

9. I am going to get out of the house more with the baby, walk a bit, whatever.

10. I am going to spend more quality time with my friends.

There you go! Will a new me emerge from all this resolve? Hardly, but if I can stick to it I should be more energetic, happier, and making a small difference in the greater world each day. Who can really expect more from themselves?

In the coming year I wish joy and happiness for all of you, and as much love as you can handle. Happy 2008!

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