That is a mistake…

I will never do again.

I spent the day getting stitches in the ER!! Bully for me!
You see, in an attempt to be a dutiful mama with a non-screaming child I was making soup for lunch today while holding Otter on my hip. He had steadfastly refused to be set down without delivering a violently loud speech concerning the unconstitutionality of setting babies down anywhere other than a lap. So instead of blistering my ears, I decided to hold him while preparing lunch.

Big mistake.

It seems that opening a pull tab soup can one handed results in an inch long and quite deep gash on one’s ring finger, thereby resulting in a four hour trip to the ER with a baby in tow, 4 stitches, antibiotics, and a finger bandaged about four times it’s normal size. Happily Otter was very good natured, and even went to sit with the admin staff happily whilst I was sewn up. (This is likely because I handed them several packets of Mum-Mums while they were taking him out of the room.)

This is me typing with the over bandaged finger of doom:

It is bery giatf yo placwder by fingrtd iny yhr right plzzzzzsw….

Hmmm…. posting may be slow while I recover… Maybe I should go for more of a pictorial until the stitches come out.

2 thoughts on “That is a mistake…”

  1. Ouch, Mama!
    Hope it doesn’t hurt too bad…
    Does Oliver like exersaucers or is he too big? That thing was the only way I was ever able to get a meal fixed when my kids were young… I’d just drag ’em into the kitchen with me and talk to them while they were playing and I was cooking (safely). 😉

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