The new Hollywood? (and Haiku Friday)

It would seem that technology has caught up with film making in an exciting way, the materials used by professionals in this industry and those used by amateurs are becoming increasingly similar, putting amateur film makers in the position, equipment and editing wise, of being just as able (or for those of us who are bitter about the second set of Star Wars films, even more able) to produce a block buster movie as Spielberg.

Here’s a clip demonstrating how a World War II D-Day invasion was staged in a few days with four guys and video camera.

Look here on CT2 to read more.

Haiku Friday

Also, it’s Haiku Friday again, so here goes my second attempt:

Warm, soft, fuzzy head
footy jams, gentle nuzzles
could I love you more?

3 thoughts on “The new Hollywood? (and Haiku Friday)”

  1. I wish we’d had that technology in Vietnam. It would have been a lot easier to fight the war that way than the way we did!

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