So close…. so tense!!

Oooh! Watching the results poor in from the primary’s last night was better than a close Stanly Cup Final! I swear I developed an ulcer before the evening was through!

But my candidate is still a bit ahead in delegates, and no I am not voting for her just because she is a woman.

I am voting for her because she is the candidate with the clearest and most concise policy plans. She is saying “Let’s change the world, and here’s how we can do it.”

I like her plans.

Obama is an amazing speaker, and a charming candidate, and if he wins the primary I won’t feel as though the Dems have pulled their typical spineless candidate act, but he hasn’t shown me as many detailed plans, and he also hasn’t shown me a willingness to play the game. He can be downright snarky when he wants to be.

Oh, you don’t want someone who is willing to play the game? Well I do!! I don’t care how fresh a person’s perspective and ideals are, if they can’t curb their snark when debating with congress, they won’t get much done. Obama is not going to be able to single handedly change the inner workings of our entire political system. He is going to have to play along.

I want the voice of experience, wrapped in an intelligent, charismatic package, with a touch of OCD.

What do I mean by “she has plans”?

Strengthening the Middle Class
Health Care
The War in Iraq
Energy and Global Warming Crisis
Improving our schools
Fulfilling our promises to veterans
Supporting our Women and Families

There is more… a lot more.

Which is why yesterday was tense.
However, it brought with it an amazing moment.
Shivers ran up my spine when Hillary said “I want to thank my mother, who was born before women were allowed to vote, and is watching me on stage now.”

How far we have come.


I love your blog entry this morning. Yes, it was a roller coaster ride yesterday, wasn’t it? I attended the caucus at Dora Moore School. People were lined up to get inside by 6:30, with the proceedings set to start at 7. Our precinct had 89 attendees, and we were herded into the claustrophobic lunchroom along with maybe seven or eight other precincts as equally well-attended. The place was jammed. Eventually several precincts were siphoned off into the gym. Our straw poll went along the percentages that would hold all night throughout Colorado: 28 voted for Hillary, 61 for Obama. Spirits were good, though, and cordiality was the order of the day. I was pleased to see the numerous young people, some of whom were for Hillary, and I was proud to be among a lot of middle-aged women who’d come out to support our girl.

When I got home, your dad was watching returns on CNN. I’d already heard about MA, NY, and NJ, so was excited. When CA was called, early in the evening, I was delirious. And then I had to fight back the anger against the media folks who really do not like Hillary. With each gain she makes, they spin harder to tell us how she didn’t score as well as she was supposed to. Grrrr.

The problem now is MONEY. If one million women would send off checks for $100 to Hillary’s campaign, we could win this thing. Many of her supporters have already given the max, $2300, and the primary battle goes on. The next few states are mostly caucus states, and Obama’s people are doing the intelligent thing: packing the caucuses. This means that the ongoing media attention will focus on big mo–momentum–and I’m hoping that won’t take away from Hillary’s remarkable achievements thus far. Talk it up to your friends: DONATE SOME MONEY TO HILLARY!! It doesn’t have to be $100. $50’s good, $25’s good. We can help her now by providing the cash for her to mount the kind of media campaign she’ll need to continue winning delegates.

As I’ve told you, it is my desire to be able to look Monkey in the eye and tell her that girls, too, can grow up to be president of the U.S. I want that glass ceiling broken while I’m here to see it. Today I hoping for more: a united Democratic party ticket: Hillary Clinton for president, Barack Obama for vice-president. Wouldn’t it be lovely to bring all of the people who are bestirring themselves to become involved to the table in a broad spectrum of support as we go into the November election? It would be lovely.

Have a wonderful day. Love and hugs to all,

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I was on pins and needles the whole night. I can’t believe how close it is!

    I admit I am an Obama supporter but, I do like Hilary for different reasons too. I’m all for either of them getting in as long as it’s not another republican!! Though no one could possibly be any worse or even as bad as bush!!!

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