A lolly for me?…

What’s that you have sister?
Is it sticky like tar?
It looks like something you’ve sneaked me,
while mom was driving the car.

I’ll reach for it and whimper
my head moving side to side
with my arms outstretched
and my mouth open wide.

Please… oh please…

Wait, what is this?
Mommy’s noticed my act…
is that… a lolly for me??
Yes it is, in fact!!

oooh! It’s easy to hold,
and sticky and sweet!

I can put it in my mouth,
and smear it head to feet!

It’s fun to rub on my eyebrow
and drag through my hair!

I can smear it all over myself
and my chair!!

Oh look, Mommy’s back,
she’s appalled at the mess!
All she says is:
“Off the shower I guess!”

3 thoughts on “A lolly for me?…”

  1. He looks more like his dad every day! Amazing. I’ll have to try rubbing my lollipops in my hair. ‘Looks like great fun!

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