Haiku Friday…

Haiku Friday

Walking home alone
a step into adulthood
edging closer now.

Freedom plays music
across your baby features
fashioning them grown.

Every day steps
inconsequential and small
make you more mature.

You get your own snacks,
You have friends I’ll never meet
now you walk alone.

Monkey started walking home alone this week, for the first time ever! It is really only one block to walk, but still marks such a step for her! She is growing so fast. I can’t believe my baby is walking home on her own.

Valentine’s day was good, Monkey made us a card, I made roast and apple pie, and Lee brought me a book of the world’ 500 best trips, and told me I get to choose where we go next! I am so excited! Do I choose Greece? Spain? Alaska? Where to go!?!

It was a fun night, and now we are relaxing on our day off, home in our jammies and doing not a whole lot.

13 thoughts on “Haiku Friday…”

  1. I think this is the first time I’ve visited, found you through HF.

    Now I want to cry! My babies are not their yet, but I look forward to that day with bittersweet feelings. I love watching my oldest growing independent, but I can’t help but recognize that he’s growing…away.

  2. Wonderful Haiku, you are talented!

    I just can’t imagine my babies walking by themselves. Such a big girl, she’s beautiful!

    And what a great Valentine’s gift.

    Happy Friday!

  3. awesome!

    my daughter is 13 and walks home from middle school. i make her call me every 10 minutes or i call the cops and report her missing.

    what a world, huh?

  4. She’s beautiful … and so is your lovely Haiku. Transitions generate such mixed feelings don’t they?
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. This is my first time visiting you, via Haiku Friday.

    Your daughter is beautiful; I think she has your smile. 🙂 (and I like your Haiku, too.)

  6. Please don’t tell my kids she gets to walk home alone. They beg me from time to time to let them walk alone and I can’t do it. It’s almost a mile with a few busy spots to cross!

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