No rest for the weary…

So I took the advice of many loved ones yesterday when I went to sleep early, a little before 10. Otter has been getting up so much at night, and so early in the morning, that it seemed sensible to try and sleep when he does. I also had a migraine, which added to the desire to sleep a long and restful night.

It was not to be.

He woke up at four.

Happy as a clam, ready to nurse for hours, wanting to get up, up UP MAMA!!!

Four in the morning!!

Why does he hate me so?

What did I ever do to him, that he would taunt me with increasingly ghastly rising hours??

How on earth do I get him to sleep longer? We are co-sleeping, and he will just sit up and start smacking us around until we get up too.

Should I set the crib up again and shove him in it at four in the morning with a stuffy and a toy or two? Should he and I just get up before the sun and wander downstairs to stare at each other in the cold dark of night?

I have no ideas here, probably because I have no sleep. Poor Lee got up with him about 5:30, after I tried for an hour to nurse and soothe him back to bed. He sent me to sleep in the other room for an hour before heading off to work.

I wish I could drink more coffee, without making my situation even worse.

Of course, now he has fallen asleep in his jumper. Stinker.

5 thoughts on “No rest for the weary…”

  1. I stayed up all nights for eight months with my baby. She started sleeping the nights when we didn’t let her nap during the day so much and took her out seeing places, visiting people… Moving her to her own bed next to ours also helped a lot. And giving her plenty of food and milk in the evening.

  2. Ok, so I shouldn’t really talk much since we have struggled with this for so long with Chloe, but I would suggest putting him in his own bed with nothing, no toys, nothing, so all he can do is sleep. That might help.

  3. I’m all for the crib in another room if there’s smackin’ involved. I don’t react well to smackin’.

    But you knew that.

    Perhaps it’s time for less coffee and more mojitos? Huh? Huh? Whaddaya think? *meaningful eyebrow waggle*

  4. Yuck, no fun. Seth has done this more than once. I do not get out of bed. That has always been my big thing. It’s night time and we are in bed. It’s been a long while since he’s pulled that crap though. It’s miserable to get no sleep. He’d be up for a couple hours in the middle of the night every now and then.

    So here’s what I do. Stay in bed. Keep the lights off. Don’t talk much other than to say it’s night time, go back to sleep. He can’t tell time but he knows it’s dark out. I’d at least wait to get up until it was light out (easier in the winter, eh?).

    This doesn’t mean he’ll sleep through the night but at least he’ll know there is no one to really interact with and maybe he’ll go back to sleep sooner. Maybe?

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