See my cup?…

It’s runnething over.

My Dad is here!! I picked him up around midnight last night and he is now upstairs happily ordering a colorful paper lunch and invisible coffee from a certain young purveyor of fine cuisine.
There is an air of contentment in the house. I am happier, Monkey is happier, even (or especially) the dogs are happier. (Dad lets Bella sleep with him at night, so she is incredibly happy to have him visit. In fact, she would like him to move in.)

We have him for nine days!! I am looking forward to some park visits, conversations, and hang out time. We are also seeing Spamalot tomorrow in NYC, and West Point on Tuesday. It will be a nice long visit.

It’s been too long between hugs, so I going to bask in his glow for a while. Have a good weekend!

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