I sthwear Mr. Beer…

You know what rocks? Belgium beer. Not only is it tasty, not only does it have awesome names like Gulden Draak, but it is between 9% and 12% alcohol by volume.


I have been drinking lovely belgium beers with my brother today. I am feeling no pain. None at all.

It’s lovely when one beer turns you into a goon.

We flew a little remote controlled plane in the freezing cold with no jackets, we hit the bowling alley and tennis courts via the Wii, and we listened to my Dad and Roomie legalize Marijuana through a lengthy policy review process.

Things are good… so long as I don’t drive anywhere.

2 thoughts on “I sthwear Mr. Beer…”

  1. Look! This is me, being jealous. (After attending a 2 year olds birthday party and sitting at home with sleeping toddler) sigh…

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