The backstory (or things that make you go WTF?!)…

As you all know yesterday was Mr. Otter’s first birthday.

We began the day with a visit to the Doctor for a well check up. I was there, with my mom, happily answering in the affirmative to all the usual developmental questions, can he talk, walk, clap his hands, eat table food, etc. Suddenly, during the physical exam, she asks me “Have your son’s testicles always been receded?”

“Excuse me? What?” Said I… totally thrown by the words testicles and receded, as I was unaware that there was anyway for them to do that. I thought they pretty much just… you know… hung there, in their little sack, adjusting to temperatures.

She pointed out that the area around his penis was inflamed a little, and the scrotum was empty. So basically, they crawled up and hid. (Men, you have some weird little body parts… has anyone every told you that?)

So yeah…. we have to have it checked out, though they had returned when I changed him last night, so maybe this is normal behavior for them. (She said some boys have receding testicles.)

We moved on with our day, and I began to make the Lego cake and special Avocado Buttercream frosting I had decided to try after watching a Good Eats on my favorite green goody. “Alton Brown has never let me down before!” I cried in the face of scrutiny and doubt from those nearest me (and therefore most likely to be forced to eat the icing.)The cake itself turned out really well, and the lego was easy to assemble. Then on went the icing, Green Avocado Buttercream on one cake, Yellow Normal Buttercream on the other.

However, it turns out, AB was wrong about Avocado icing. It is not yummy, in fact, it tastes like two avocado’s mixed with a pound of sugar, and sprinkled with lemon juice. So not good. Even worse, it looked as though I had iced my cake with old guacamole, which made even looking at it unappealing.
Luckily, at the brilliant behest of my husband, I had made another regular buttercream icing just in case. So there was cake after all.

Of course, Otter didn’t eat any of it. He just wanted his “Baa oon“.

6 thoughts on “The backstory (or things that make you go WTF?!)…”

  1. i hope everything works out with him!!

    and yeah, that icing doesn’t sound all that yummy, to me anyway… but its always god to at least try new things!!!

  2. Ahhhh testicles. Pesky lil things.

    T had to have surgery at 3 years old b/c of his. They were the opposite though, instead of hiding, there was a leak in one of his tubes and his were filled with fluid.

    Hope Oliver’s just have a mind of their own!! I’m sure he was cold being nekkid in the dr’s office ~ I’d have receded too!

    And I definitely think the one on the right looks more appetizing. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up on avocado icing!

  3. the term for the testes not descending. You know I had a cat once…

    Anyway, I hope everything is OK with Oliver’s peekaboo testes.

    And honey, I’m sorry but the cake on the left looks horrid. Bleah! I KNOW avocado is a fruit, but some fruits aren’t meant to be covered in sugar and butter. Avocado is one of them. Closely followed by ackee and breadfruit. Bleah! Glad the birthday turned out well despite the icing fiasco!

  4. Doesn’t it look hideous? I was like…. come on… where is the icing look…. really? This is what it looks like?

    But I followed the directions, and boy let me tell you…

    Alton Brown was wrong.

    Cause ick.

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