A island paradise, some friends, and no computer…

Aack!! I went on vacation intending to update my blog to tell y’all I would be gone for a few days, only to forget completely about doing so!! Everything is fine, we are all well, and in fact we are all tan and relaxed and fantastic. We spent five days at Ben’s family’s house on Catalina Island soaking up some sun and down time with Ben, Aunty Mop, Lily Jane, Devon, Richard and Luke. We spent a lot of time talking, cooking, eating, drinking, wandering around town, swimming, and simply relaxing. Here is a sampling of the myriad of moments I caught on camera.

Lily enjoys a good book on the ferry ride overMonkey is too cool in her movie star glasses
We pass the Queen Mary on our way out to sea
The house where relaxation happens
The garden where we sit in awe at the amazing profusion of color

Otter taste tests the Catalina beachfront
and contemplates the ocean next to our amazing sand castle
Ben begins serious construction on the castle (Luke watches in the background)
Ben, Richard, and Monkey shape their sandy vision with some hard work and water
Ben and Lee add to the Sand Castle version of Catalina’s Casino (while Luke reads a book)
Monkey army crawls towards the water’s edge after making some sand shapes
The army crawl continues… and continues
Aunty Mop and Lily investigate the powers of sand shovels
I greet my husband in the usual style

Daddy and Otter wander into the ocean
“Mama? Dada? This stuff is cold. I am not sure I should have my feet in it.”

Monkey dashes between beach and castle, ever ready to assist with sand dampening

Lily and Aunty Mop splash and play
Mommy and Otter enjoy a break from the wavesMonkey strides confidently into the cold
Aunty Mop and Lily Jane march into the water Mommy and Otter catch a few waves
Monkey sits in the waves, trying to convince herself it’s warm enough to swim
Monkey stands atop a mountain overlooking the sea where we sat and searched for seals, whales, and dolphins. (Many a seal was seen, though no whales or dolphins.)

Otter dubiously rides strapped to the back of a golf cart. Initially he was a little nervous, but he began to enjoy it after a few minutes. (There are no cars really allowed on Catalina, so everyone drives golf carts around.)
Ben and Monkey smile goonishly after Ben has allowed Monkey to steer the golf cart up the mountain. (Later, he would let her steer it down. I closed my eyes and prayed.)
What Otter looks like strapped to the back of a golf cart
Otter and Ben hang out at the top of the world.

There was more, there is always more. I caught 337 pictures of the vacation, so I will not be posting all of them. However, there were many moments of baby cuteness between Lily and Otter, along with some more beach fun, so I will likely toss a few more up tomorrow.

I was a little apprehensive about going on this trip, because the last time I went Nick was along and I was a little afraid his absence would be glaring and painful. It really wasn’t. I was able to remember the fun we had, feel a pang or two, and then relax and enjoy the days with the people I love. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends. It was a real joy to catch up with them and just slow down for a while. I didn’t want to return to the real world.

Tomorrow I will share with you my take of the travel day from hell, along with more stories of island bliss. Sorry I didn’t alert you to my vacation beforehand. I am touched to have been checked in with as much as I have, thanks for caring so much about me!!

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  1. It looks like you had fun! I love the picture with the golf cart- but please don’t give my hubs any ideas! haha. Actually, if he wants to take Eliza golfing and give me some time off I would happily oblige. Can’t wait to see more pics.

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