Careening towards "old"

Does it bother anyone else that Indiana Jones is turning sixty-seven years old this July?

67 people!!!!

The sexy leather jacket wearing whip-toting adventurer I lusted over as a young woman is about to be 70 years old. This means that Han Solo is also nearing 70. The smart-ass Star Wars hottie is slightly more than a decade away from the PC term “octogenarian”.
Granted, he is a supremely good example of nigh-seventy. He obviously takes good care of himself. However, he can’t turn back the clock, and neither can I. Time is marching on, and it is marching right across my reality!!!

This week I feel old. My hero’s are old, my peers are adults, my children are getting tall and stubborn, and the hot new actors are young enough to make me a bad person for thinking they are hot. My face is starting to keep it’s expressions, long after I am finished expressing.

I am no longer cool!! There are subcultures forming that I have no understanding of! I was in the damn Goth scene! I got it! I had the clothes, the music, the cool hangouts and the seriously Goth friends. I got the invitations to the subversive parties, I wore the make-up, the corsets, the insane seven inch heel thigh high fuck me boots!! I was part of the underground scene.

Now? I am a housewife wondering what the hell “Emo” is!!! It’s a thing I don’t get! My daughter will soon tell me I don’t understand, and she will be RIGHT!!!

There are things in life that I will accept with grace.

This whole aging thing ain’t one of ’em. Fuck aging, where’s my damn NIN hoodie?

3 thoughts on “Careening towards "old"”

  1. HAH!

    You’re sooooo old!

    I feel absolutely no pity for you whatsoever Ms. I’ve-just-barely-turned-32. WTF?!

    Talk to me when 40 is staring you in the face. Expect me to giggle at you as I then rapidly approach 50. POKE!

  2. LOL. This post was FABULOUS. I plan on having one more birthday and then staying the same age henceforth.

    And thanks to re-mastered DVD, old Hans will always be young in my heart. 🙂

  3. Judith, you are right about the remastered DVD… I should investigate it.

    Hatchet… I know I am a mere babe in arms to some people 😉 but that doesn’t mean I am not old to others, or that I am not marching right out of all the hip, cool ages and right into fogeyhood.

    It just means I have good company waiting for me!

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