The plague…

We all seem to be suffering from the plague today. Otter and I have been feverish and hacking, and Monkey is wheezy and coughing a lot. Even Lee is feeling under the weather. I wish I could say I spent the day in bed, but I needed to finish the Newsletter for the MOMS Club, so I was at my computer for most of the day. Well… I suppose the fact that I am blogging means I still am.
I am still figuring out the domain mapping for the blog, but I have really enjoyed playing with some of WP’s other features. I like being able to place my extras on other pages instead of just lining them up on the sidebars.
Otter just woke up, so I am back to it.

2 thoughts on “The plague…”

  1. Feel better soon!!

    You should totally transition to while you’re already under construction- the control you have is remarkable.

  2. Thanks Maria! It’s funny you should mention that, I am waiting for a friend to set up the hosting of my site, and once he does, he will download .org for me and get it going.
    I am excited. I was really used to Blogger, but there are so many more options in WP. I will have to learn how to use it… but it should be better in the long run.

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