The man about the house

Otter loves to Swiff the house, he follows me around trying to grab the Swiffer out of my hands whenever I use it. Yesterday I shortened the handle, put a fresh cloth on, and let him go to town.

I Swiffs!!

I can clean the house! I am beyond those pesky gender role stereotypes!!

I can help around the house!! Forget those stereotypes!!

I Swiffs!

I missed a spot!!
Oops! I missed a spot!

When Otter noticed I was capturing his housework on camera he came over and began to “goon” for the lens…

Hello there camera... it\'s been too long.
Why hello there camera… it’s been too long.

Whoa!! That\'s a neat camera!!
Whoa…. that’s some serious flashing there.

Must eat camera!!
Must eat the camera

Nom nom nom

3 thoughts on “The man about the house”

  1. Hi,

    I found your blog through googling “How to balance law school and motherhood.” I know this may seem strange, but I’m looking for a realistic viewpoint on the matter. I’m 28 yrs old with no children currently, however I greatly desire them in the next 2-4 years. I am considering applying to law school this year for acceptance in Fall ’09.

    Did you go to law school while you were either pregnant or had a child? What was the experience like? Do you regret your decision now that you are staying home with your children? Is the debt from law school horrifying when you don’t want to work for a big law firm and require yourself to hit billable hours? etc, etc

    I know it’s asking a lot, but I’d love to hear your opinion. you can email me at jennifer.guth at yahoo dot com or respond on your blog and i’ll check back here. thanks!

    p.s. your children are darling!

  2. Oooh ~ can I borrow him when you’re done? My floors could definitely use some swiffering and my kids are no longer in the mindset where they think chores are fun! 🙂

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